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The sensitivity of the amorphous oxide nanoparticle film was found to be superior to that of a crystalline oxide nanoparticle film. In the case of substrates oriented parallel to the target surface, the increase in the working pressure from 0. The results are   interpreted in terms of the local geometry around the metal center both   with regard to bonding and crystal field symmetry. Angle-resolved N1s XAS suggests the molecular planes to order   preferentially parallel to the sample surface plane. These results reflect the increased complexity, both experimentally and computationally, when wedges are used compared to open beams. A clear accumulation of Mn is observed. The plasma analysis reveals that HPPMS provides higher fluxes of ionized species both gas and sputtered to the growing film, as compared with dcMS.

Finally it is shown that the present data is well predicted by two selected phenomenological models of annular flow.

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The observed phenomena were discussed in terms of the electrostatic heterocoagulation theory, where the interactions can be attractive or repulsive depending on the different surface activity and charge of the respective surfactants at the two interfaces. Cooling and heating investigations showed differences in the freezing and melting behavior of the sample depending on whether it had been exposed to the magnetic field. Department of Physics, University of Warwick. Även om jag kan kännas hård ibland så är jag världens snällaste kattunge. Oksman, Kristiina Luleå tekniska universitet, Institutionen för teknikvetenskap och matematik, Materialvetenskap. It was ascertained that Fe layer is interacting with Si substrate and as a result Fe-silicide is formed. Pairwise comparisons of systems were done by the Bonferroni t test.


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